Chit Fund MLM Software

Chit Fund software is a web based application, it contains all the features that make it an essential for Chit Fund Companies. It provides a cost efficient and simple way to manage chit schemes because there is no installation needed for use. The chit software is accessible from a browser and it is easy to understand a person having basic computer knowledge can use all the features. It can also be used to provide secure online access to members. Transparency is enabled with member access; members easily check next payment details, amount to be paid, loan details etc.

This access is possible with new user creation feature of the software, a new user can be created and the permission level can be set in a few simple steps. All the chit activities are possible in very less time with all the procedures performed in a very systematic manner without any delay.

Additionally, there is a great amount of clarity in the data of each branch; this clarity helps in making the things further simple. With this feature, chit companies no longer have to use a separate software for each branch they have the luxury to manage all their branches from a single software.

Features of Chit Fund software

Admin Management

There are features for admin management where admin can easily manage the agent, subscriber, and prize. Besides multiple branches of a chit company can be managed with this software.

Agent Management

There are features for agent management, where agent can manage all the data of their subscriber. Besides multiple branches of a chit company can be managed with this software.

Subscriber Management

There are features for user subscriber, where subscriber can see the account details and manage all the activities provided by the admin.

Data import/export Management

Already working chit companies also have the option to use this software as there is a feature which supports import/export of previous data. This feature saves time that would normally be needed to reenter the old data.

SMS Alert System

To ease the working of chit schemes, there is also SMS alert system. It is an integrated feature in the software and can be used for a variety of operations.

Instant Reporting System

Chit software provides efficient and instant reporting system. Date wise reports, customer wise reports, branch wise reports, and month wise reports can be generated.

Advantages of Chit Fund MLM Software

With advancement in technology a chit company has the option to get a specialized mobile app. This option is a growing trend of business development, as software development companies are offering value of money mobile applications across all popular platforms. These applications are feature packed and provide all the functionality on a mobile phone.

All the benefits of technology increase the scope of growth for chit fund companies. To experience all the benefits chit fund companies should choose the services of a reliable company for chit fund software development.

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