Binary means by the combination of two which notify a NUMBER SCHEME in that system there are only two possible values for every digit but here we are talking about binary plan multi-level marketing so we may say that a plan with a combination of two members are known as binary plan,

we all are well aware of binary tree structure as follows,

A parent node with two child and then the process goes on by increasing the member on the left and right side of the tree.

In every binary sub tree multi-level marketing plan there are two legs one is inside leg other one is outside leg both has its own meaning an inside leg is a profit leg and an outside leg is a power leg, power leg leads to a joining of a new member in the tree and also it is been introduced by its previously existed member when a new joiner work to grow his power leg then some part of compensation is also been distributed by the formula by certain matching value with power leg it may be 1:1 or 2:1. MLM SOFTWARE.BUSINESS developed and design many Binary Plan mlm software.

Advantages of Binary plan mlm software

Binary plan is simplest to understand among all the other multilevel marketing plans as so to execute as well.

Equal distribution of member each member are allowed to have only two distributors which work directly under him.

Limit less depth is one of the most important feature of the binary plan so keeping both the side balanced and even one could manage to earn lots of money.

It promotes teamwork for both up line and down line, new joiner are automatically joined under you and earning benefits for you and your parent.

When a new member introduced to the plan each upper node gets benefited by the extra points.

It is a best example of teamwork and balancing

Properties of binary plan

Features of Binary Plan Software

  • Totally cost effective
  • Real time access 24/7
  • Friendly interface
  • Fully web based application
  • Member management
  • Mlm reports

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